Census 2020 will move forward with no citizenship question

Community members have shared their fears of participation in a census with a citizenship question, the inclusion of which was intended to terrorize, undercount, underrepresent and underfunded Latinx and other immigrant communities and people of color. The 2020 census will be printed without the citizenship question, because it will ensure all that Californians feel safer … Continue reading Census 2020 will move forward with no citizenship question

NorCal Resist- Lights for Liberty

In an effort of helping those who need rides. We want to encourage all of those who either need a ride, or can provide a ride to the event to please fill out the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgeCneHAP_7qnaxcJ0PWIVh1Sl-2Iebdds0BwSZn-7D69IcA/viewform We focus on making new connections and grow your networks locally, please take the time to fill it … Continue reading NorCal Resist- Lights for Liberty

Leadership Activist Program (LAP)

New Summer Leadership Activist Program for Students

The Chico Peace and Justice Center's Leadership Activist Program (LAP) will take place this summer within the cities of Chico and Oroville, California. The program will span six days and include 25+ hours of youth-focused social justice and nonviolent communication education, designed to develop future activist leaders.

LAP will train high school to recognize and address inequities within their community using social justice knowledge and nonviolent communication skills. Program participants will assist with carrying out institutional changes to develop more fair policies within their local schools and government.

Venues and curriculum will be overseen by representatives of CPJC, local activist groups, local schools, and other local nonprofit organizations as well. Participants will receive certificates upon successful completion.

Interested high school students must complete and submit the program's online application below by Friday, June 18, 2018.