Do you need equipment for your event?

Rent equipment for your meeting, workshop, or community peace and justice event from the Chico Peace & Justice Center.


Please reserve equipment at least a week before the date when you will need it. Deposit is $20.

Rent Dinnerware for $30, you’ll get:

Forks Spoons Butter Knives
Salad Plates Coffee Mugs Oval Plates
Salt Shaker Pepper Shaker Assorted Mugs
Dinner Plates Assorted Dinner Plates Bowls
Vases Wine Glasses Plastic Cups

Rent Outside Event Equipment for $30, you’ll get:

Foldable Chairs Canopies
Foldable Table Megaphone

Rent Sound Equipment for $30, you’ll get:

Carvin Speakers
Tripod Stands
Audix Om2 Microphone
Ultra Microphone Stand (round base)
KUSTOM speaker Control Panel
Cube Monitor Amplifier (30 W) by Roland
KUSTOM speaker Control Panel
Proline Microphone TripodStand
KUSTOM speakers (8 ohms and 60 Watts)