Community members have shared their fears of participation in a census with a citizenship question, the inclusion of which was intended to terrorize, undercount, underrepresent and underfunded Latinx and other immigrant communities and people of color.

The 2020 census will be printed without the citizenship question, because it will ensure all that Californians feel safer as they participate in this important civic ritual of affirmation.

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There is still much we must do together to ensure a fair and complete count of all California residents. At stake is not only political power and funding for vital community supports ranging from education to infrastructure, but our identity as a nation. When we deny someone’s place in our present, we deny their place in our history and in our future. We tell them something important about who we are and what we value.

This decision tells a different story: It is a win for inclusion, an invitation for everyone to be heard and to know that their contributions make their communities – and our state – a better place.