At its March meeting, the CPJC Board of Directors endorsed the proposal by Lin Jensen to the City Council seeking to establish Chico as a sanctuary city. View the full text here. As reported by CPJC members and the local press, some thirty-five people appeared at the City Council meeting on February 21 to support the resolution.

As Lin writes, “The four conservative council members, Sean Morgan, Reanette Fillmer, Mark Sorensen, and Andrew Coolidge, all voted down even so much as a request to give the Resolution a hearing, and did so in the blink of an eye. I was in disbelief and disheartened that they could be so indifferent to the 30 or more Latino immigrants who waited hours to make a plea to the council for help and support. I’m no veteran of politics, but apparently this sort of hardened disregard of others is not uncommon.”

Lin plans to continue the campaign, and CPJC and its members applaud his efforts.