Local Giving and Receiving- The Buy Nothing Project

Our local community has gone through a lot, and some Chicoans have found a way to give, receive, and share with their neighbors through the Buy Nothing Project.

The Buy Nothing Project seeks to “offer people a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of hyper-local gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbors.” The Buy Nothing Project has a local group in Chico, via a Facebook page called “Buy Nothing Chico, CA”.

The page has over a thousand members, who post goods and services they’d like to share, loan, or give away, all for free. Members can also post requests for other members to respond to. You can find details about the Buy Nothing Project at buynothingproject.org, and join a local group on Facebook by searching “Buy Nothing Project” and the town or neighborhood where you live and clicking “Join Group”.

Example of things you can find among the posts in the “Buy Nothing Chico, CA” page include clothing, furniture, kitchen items, food, toys, baby stuff, and books.