On November 8, 2018, PG&E left thousands of Butte County residents sifting through the ashes of their lives.

• PG&E, with help from the CPUC, routinely profit off the death and destruction for which they are responsible.
• PG&E gave itself bonuses while denying payments to Butte County fire victims.
• PG&E uses its disgustingly large spending advantage to persuade our government from holding it criminally negligent.

The California Public Utilities Commission will be holding 2 public forums for people to speak on the proposed rate hikes.

We have 3 demands:

1. No bailout of PG&E and the private energy utilities.
2. Public and worker control of PG&E, and all private energy utilities.
3. A Green New Deal

Join us on Thursday July 18th at 5 PM – 6:30 PM to demand Utility Justice
#powertothepeople #chicodsa #utilityjustice