Join us to make Simplicity Village happen! CHAT is raising $100,000 to build a tiny house village for seniors in Chico, California.

The Problem: A Severe Housing Crisis. In many areas across the country, there is little to no housing available that lower income people can afford. This problem is now worse than ever in Butte County, since the disastrous Camp Fire. Many vulnerable people, including senior citizens, find themselves without any housing options.

What we’re doing about it. The solution to homelessness is housing. Chico Housing Action Team has been sheltering and housing people in Chico for almost six years, first with the SafeSpace Winter Shelter, and then with our Housing Now program. Now CHAT is moving forward to create a tiny house village for seniors who have lost their housing. We have the land (2.5 acres), the engineering plans, the City’s approval, and lots of volunteers to help with building. But we need your help.

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Who is CHAT? The Chico Housing Action Team (CHAT) is a grass-roots 501c3 non-profit organization of concerned citizens formed in Chico, California, in 2013, with the goal of ending homelessness in our community. Our funding comes from charitable grants, fundraising events, and generous community support. CHAT already houses about 100 formerly homeless people in rental housing and small trailers throughout our community, provides food deliveries and furniture, and has engaged dozens of volunteers in our many projects.