The Chico Peace & Justice Center has served as a hub for inspiring, organizing and mobilizing our community for 36 years and we hope to continue that work  for many more years. However, at this time, we are in financial crisis. For several years the reserve funds of the organization have been dwindling and there has not been enough incoming money to replenish that. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has donated to CPJC over the years and in recent times, especially those who are sustaining members who make a monthly donation. We regret to say that the amount of “sustaining donors” has not been enough to actually sustain us. Our community has been through a lot since last fall, and we understand and support the necessity of community members prioritizing their donations to support those who have been most impacted by the Camp Fire. In addition to those circumstances, CPJC has been struggling to attain and retain a fully functional treasurer and bookkeeper to ensure that we are adequately tracking our financial needs. Maintaining an organization like CPJC requires  a lot of money on a monthly basis for costs like staff wages, insurance, rent and utilities. We also have numerous yearly fees for various licensing and permitting with the state, county, and city. At this time the survival of the organization is in jeopardy. We are in desperate need of funds and cannot continue normal operations. 

Effective today, August 26th, CPJC is now temporarily suspending the majority of operations. Our hope is that in doing so, we will be able to keep costs to a minimum for the immediate future, and to focus on fixing this difficult situation. We are counting on the community to donate and/or become sustaining members in order to keep the Center open. Donations can be made through our website or by mail to P.O. Box 3544, Chico 95928. We are continuing to plan for the Annual Dinner, which is our second biggest fundraiser of the year. We are in need of volunteers to help with organizing tasks for the Dinner at this time, and volunteers for the day of the event. We welcome community members with the necessary skills who are interested in volunteering to help with bookkeeping, and/or are interested in becoming our Treasurer.  We are also counting on the community to have patience and faith in us. At this time, questions from the community will be answered by the Board of Directors who will be monitoring the mail, voicemail, and email of the organization. 

Our goal is to be back to normal operations by the end of the year. Until that time, all CPJC activities will be on hold with the exception of the Spanish Conversation Groups, which will continue to meet at their regular times. We have not come to this decision lightly.  We hope that this decision will convey to the community how serious these circumstances are.

The Chico Peace & Justice Center/Chico Peace Endeavor Board of Directors

Michael Coyle (he/him), President

Peter Hoffman (he/him, they/them), Secretary

Wayne Crooks (he/him), Treasurer

Rain Scher (they/them)

Julia Murphy (she/her)