Conversations in Spanish is comprised of two groups: beginner and intermediate. These groups are free to attend, and are a great way to practice and maintain Spanish language skills in a fun and friendly setting. Conversations in Spanish groups are held at the Chico Peace & Justice Center every week.
Beginner: Tuesdays , 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Intermediate: Mondays, 4:45pm – 5:45pm

Due to the corona virus, all program meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Beginning Spanish

This practice group is focused on learning the fundamentals of Spanish to develop an understanding of the language and conversational skills. Great for beginners who are new to the language or folks who are seeking to refresh basic Spanish-language skills.
Free, walk-ins are welcome!
This group is facilitated by Ann Polivka.
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Intermediate Spanish

This practice group is a wonderful opportunity for people who’ve learnt the basics and want to deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language and meet new people. This group is also great for native Spanish speakers who want to maintain their Spanish speaking skills.
Free, walk-ins are welcome!
The group is facilitated by Ileana Gantt and Washington Quezada.
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Ileana Araya Gantt- Besides teaching Spanish at Butte College I’m the World Languages Department Chair and I have been the director of several study abroad programs, mostly to Costa Rica. I’m Costa Rican by birth but I’ve lived most of my life in California. Since 2009 I have facilitated the Intermediate Spanish Conversation hour at the Chico Peace & Justice Center. This has become one of my favorite weekly activities as it allows me to get to know a variety of people in our community who are truly interested in improving their Spanish. They enjoy practicing in our relaxed, supportive setting.
Ann Polivka- First, I enjoy speaking and understanding Spanish! Its a window into several other cultures, since each Spanish-speaking neighborhood and country has its own unique culture.
I began learning Spanish at the age of ten, when my family lived in Mexico City for a year. Then, when we moved back to Paradise, I continued studying the language until highschool graduation. In my 20’s and 30’s, I spent many vacations in Mexico, where I had ample opportunity to practice. As a nurse practitioner working with families who only spoke Spanish, I was able to communicate and understand both written and spoken spanish. And for 3 years (’87 -’90), I lived in Mexico’s Yucatan. There, Spanish was the only language I heard and spoke (except for the little English I spoke while teaching that language to my English students.)
For the past several years, I’ve been teaching spanish at CPJC, focusing on conversation. The class is on a drop-in basis. All are welcome. I do the best I can to tailor the class to who happens to be present on any given night. Most students have had a little formal education in Spanish at some time in their past, or work or travel experiences exposing them to the language. The class is free of charge. Donations to the CPJC are welcome. Class meets at 5:30pm, Tuesdays, at CPJC.