Due to the corona virus, all program meetings are cancelled until further notice.

What is the Peace Garden?

The Peace Garden is a community garden where community members can come together to hang out, share knowledge, and work together on our lovely garden. Together, we share knowledge about gardening, maintain the garden space and compost pile, plant seeds, and when the time comes, harvest the fruits of our labor to share with our community. We welcome everyone and wish to include anyone who wants to participate. The Peace Garden welcomes diversity, and promotes compassion and non-violence.

Get Involved

Are you new to gardening? This is a great place to get started and learn more! Already have experience? We would love to have your help and guidance! Whether you wish to be a regular volunteer, or someone who just wants to drop in, you are welcome to join the garden meet-ups. You can find meet dates and times here on the website, on the right side of the page, as well as on the Chico Peace & Justice Center Facebook page.


This is the historic community garden that opened its gates to host some of Chico’s first gay marriages when it first became legalized in 2008 ♥


Max (he/him and they/them pronouns) has been volunteering at the Chico Peace & Justice Center since 2018. They used to garden as a kid, and saw that CPJC’s Peace Garden was not being maintained, so they decided to start the Peace Garden, a community garden program, to get the garden back in use and to give those who don’t have the means a chance to participate in gardening.

Want more info? Have questions? Contact office@chicopeace.org
Drop in during office hours, or call 530-893-9078