Leadership Activist Program (LAP)

New Summer Leadership Activist Program for Students


The Chico Peace and Justice Center’s Leadership Activist Program (LAP) will take place this summer within the cities of Chico and Oroville, California. The program will span six days and include 25+ hours of youth-focused social justice and nonviolent communication education, designed to develop future activist leaders.

LAP will train high school students to recognize and address inequities within their community using social justice knowledge and nonviolent communication skills. Program participants will assist with carrying out institutional changes to develop more fair policies within their local schools and government.

Venues and curriculum will be overseen by representatives of CPJC, local activist groups, local schools, and other local nonprofit organizations as well. Participants will receive certificates upon successful completion.

LAP is a summer program. More information to come.


Connect with us today to participate in CPJC’s Leadership Activist Program!

For more information:

(530) 893-9078


Career Builders: Counter-Recruitment

What if they staged a war and nobody came? Sound far fetched? Not to those who know a veteran with a catastrophic injury or post-traumatic stress disorder, or who had a friend or loved one deploy and not return. Not for those who know a service person for whom the military did not live up to promises made by a recruiter.

But what job opportunities now exist in the U.S. for young people who lack privilege and connections to find gainful employment or need money for higher education? Career Builders works to present alternative work opportunities to local youth.

Career Builders: Counter Recruitment (CBCR) aims to counter the often overwhelming military promotional campaign that local students face on their high school campuses. CBCR provides accurate and under-reported information about the realities of military service and highlights alternatives to military involvement, including scholarship opportunities. CBCR communicates directly with local high school students by tabling near high school campuses over lunch periods and engages students through music, food, flyers, graphic exhibit panels and personal contact.

CBCR is seeking volunteers and interns of all ages, particularly of high school and college age, as well as volunteers with recent military experience, to help enrich the conversation with teenagers currently subject to pressure from recruiters to join the military. Your help with Facebook and blog postings, maintaining and transporting large information panels, publicity, set-up and breakdown of exhibits, and assistance with providing food and drink for students, would be welcomed.

The Career Builders: Counter Recruitment team has planning and information meetings at the Center every month, and volunteers table at least monthly near local high school campuses. Join CBCR, and make a difference in the life of a potential recruit!

Contact careerbuilders@chicopeace.org for more information.

Scholarship Opportunities

CPJC is committed to helping young people find employment alternatives outside of the military to ensure their futures are brighter and more healthy and peaceful. For that reason our counter recruitment group has made this list of scholarships you can apply to online, as well as places you can find more.

Peace Gardening 101

Family, Education, Fun!

Peace Gardening 101 is a comprehensive gardening workshop where you can learn:

  • Organic Gardening
  • Learning to build a healthy compost pile
  • Seed Care and Seed Saving
  • Herb Gardening
  • Tea Mixing
  • And More!

For more information, contact Colleen at riverbluesfarm@gmail.com or (239) 272-9661. Space is limited!

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Voice of the Veteran Speaker Series

Voice of the Veteran is an ongoing speaker series featuring veterans sharing their experience in the military with no media slant, recruiter advertising, or entertainment industry glorification of violence.  Hear from primary sources about war and learn about what it is actually like to be in the military.

We have had Army veteran Major John Crosby (retired) who served from 1984 until 2004 and participated in Operation Just Cause and Iraqi Freedom presented February 2016.  Marine veteran Corporal Isaac Zenk who also grew up moving around as the son of an Air Force officer and served himself from 2004-2008 and in Iraq twice presented March 2016. And Corporal Ron Toppi presented his story April 2016 of time in the Marine Corps in the 1980’s.  These were the first presentations and we hope to have one a month during the California State University, Chico academic year so check here for the upcoming semester presentations by veterans on their time in the military.

This fall of 2016, we have another 3 Speakers lined up with Navy veteran Bill Mash serving from 1978-1982 sharing his story September 21st at 7:30PM going over his experiences as a submariner.  Phil Elkins shared his saga in the Vietnam War as an Army draftee on October 19th at 7:30PM.  The last presentation in November was Rev. Jessie Olson who was in the Army in the 90’s as a female soldier who also has a lot of experience helping thousands of veterans after her time in the military as a Veteran Service Officer.

Everybody’s Revolution: Exploring the Wheel of Integral Nonviolence

The wheel was adopted by the Chico Peace and Justice Center as a way of understanding the elements of peace and social justice and seeing their interconnections. Each “spoke” of the wheel addresses a group of related issues and problems in our world today: community, political action, spiritualism, health, poverty, environmental degradation, social cohesion, racism, and others.

The 10 Spokes on the Wheel are:

  • Heart Unity: Forging connection and understanding across lines of race, religion, class, etc.
  • Manual Labor toward self-reliance and simplicity
  • Spiritual practice and fellowship
  • Political Witness: Nonviolent action, engagement, and resistance
  • Walking with the Poor: Service and mutual empowerment
  • Building and nurturing community and interdependence
  • Ecological Awareness and Responsibility: Honoring the unity of creation
  • Health and Wholeness
  • Withdrawing Support from the Violent Systems and Institutions: Building and nurturing nonviolent alternatives
  • Right Sharing and Stewardship of Wealth and Resources